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Back, Back, Back

Back, Back, Back

Ryan Everett Felton

            The Professor was a lunatic, and I knew I wouldn’t feel bad about killing him even a little.
            My mind made up, I turned the keys in the ignition of his souped-up piece of shit Gremlin. I ran a finger over the control panel and kicked on the mods he’d added to the car all those years ago: glowing isotopes and rumbling gizmos with names so long I still can’t remember ‘em. But I remember how to work ‘em. I’ve been on enough physics-bending misadventures with the Prof to work those controls with my eyes closed. The son-of-a-bitch shunted me forward and backward through time in the thing so often I’m pretty sure it broke both our brains.
            Galileo, the old man’s shaggy mutt, waited in the cockpit and flashed me a set of sad puppy eyes. He whimpered. “Sorry, boy,” I said. “He’s not coming. Not this time.” Continue reading

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Know No Stranger presents: The Christmas That Never Was

This year my friends and cohorts in Indianapolis artist collective Know No Stranger assisted me in concocting a new Christmas tale, told in old-timey verse with gorgeous illustrations and snappy sound. Watch! Enjoy! Happy holidays!

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I wrote a story for Punchnel’s “Mythic Indy” series: stories set in Indianapolis with a supernatural, legendary, or otherwise history-massaging twist. You can read that here:


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